A new Eden Shadow video has been posted to their Youtube channel. You can subscribe to their youtube channel (youtube.com/edenshadowofficial) for weekly video uploads.

This week’s video shows footage of the band recording acoustic guitars for the EP “Hail”.

This Month, Eden Shadow shall be busy adding the final touches to the EP ready for Mix and Mastering at the end of this month. Throughout this month, expect to see weekly uploads of the final production stages of the EP and insights into the artwork.

You can also find videos and music here on the media page.


Hail is an instrumental suite, the majority was recorded in my home studio in Wales. During the time I was recording Phases, I ended up with a lot of ideas, some that eventually became the eight “Phases” of our concept album whilst there was still other finished material that remained inspiring to me that I wanted to release as another package.

The four songs that feature on “Hail” were all very exciting to record. I set out to create sounds and melodies influenced by all the progressive bands I love but it also includes many styles inspired by Electronica, Classical and Music for Film. Consequently the writing process for this EP was very exciting and adventurous and I hope that you will find the EP just as exciting and as adventurous as I did.

The Band will be heading to Southampton to engineer and record Tom’s drums in Southampton next month. After that, the EP will be mixed and mastered by my good friend Gerwyn Howley and we are expecting to have a release date set around Late March available in Physical and Digital formats through Itunes, Amazon Play.com etc. and of course the EP will be available at our live shows.

Speaking of Live shows, myself, Alex and Tom by around that time would have been rehearsing together for 5 months and we will be booking a selection of gigs around Wales and South England. We shall keep you updated ASAP.

And to finish, the three of us are organising a photo shoot and a series of videos to post out to you regularly. This includes footage of our rehearsals, recording and mixing sessions, interviews and some moments when we are just being our typically goofy proggy selves.

Much Love!


Welcome to Eden Shadow. This is where my musical endeavours have taken me…and I have to say it has been one crazy journey.

It all started with an idea, or a dream, or a mixture of the two combining into the desire of writing and recording original progressive/art music. This was a solo project I put under the title “Phases”. My mentality towards this was just do it, let’s not care too much about the obstacles, let’s just go for it and see what happens.

Of course, it is naive but before I knew it I had spent two years tracking demos in my college and I had a lot of material to work with. The county I was in at the time was very encouraging to young college students about culture and creativity and consequently, press got very interested in what young people were up to. I so happened to attract local media attention that somehow, this luckily transcended into media attention from one of the most read papers in South Wales. It was surreal because I had the interview whilst cycling around Wales to raise funds to go to Uganda, a lot was happening at the time and it was only until I returned to my house and social media that I had an email that would change the course of my music project.

This was when I met Will Mackie of Caerllysi music, Hoggwash and WhiteKnightRecords, who took me through a huge learning curve. I was invited into a network of musicians and Artists where I met Rob Reed (Magenta), Will’s partner in the label WhiteKnightRecords, Antony Kalugin of Sunchild and Terry Cooper, rapper and artist who started creating artwork for my projects (which, by the way you can see as my web design). These individuals gave me vital tips and lessons from their personal experiences and as a result, my approach to production, instrumentation and sound design became much more comprehensive and challenging. My demos and ideas started to unfold into pieces of Art which I have finished writing. It has taken time, years even, but creative work simply cannot be rushed. The truth is I am happier than ever with how “Phases” looks and sounds like, and I shall release it once I can truly be proud of it.

Still a progressive project such as this one never really feels like a solo project, which is why there is now a huge team working towards developing the album, as well as fellow young musicians. Whilst all these changes were happening, I soon departed to Guildford to study music. This was where I met Alex Broben, originally from Paris. Our music tastes were very diverse yet very much on the same wavelength and it wasn’t before long that we started jamming Dream Theater and Rush, it did not take me long to ask him to play on my album after being astounded by his proficiency on the bass and distinct style that fitted perfectly to the songs I was writing. I started spreading the word through Guildford about my project in search of a drummer and this was when I received an email from Tom Burgess. As we started arranging meetings, it was instantly clear our inspirations and musical influences were very alike. The three of us started jamming songs and soon started working on the material I had written over the years. It has to be said to hear these songs live after years of writing them in my bedroom, is an incredibly exciting experience.

Myself, Tom and Alex shall be developing the final tracks for “Phases” together as Eden Shadow (Plus it will feature some very very special guests) but in the meantime we have an instrumental EP “Hail” due for a release late March/early April, we shall be playing gigs across UK and be keeping you up to date via edenshadow.net, and across the web with frequent blogs, vlogs and emails.

Many Thanks!!!


Another year gone and still, silence prevails, with but a few mongerings from me mentioning tracking something, a flute solo, coffee and time signatures! It doesn’t make any sense!


well,  whilst I have remained dormant without confirming anything of an exact release, I can happily say that it will stay like that!













For a very short amount of time!!! (count 22 days!)



2011 was an amazing year for me, I have learnt so much and I have had inspiration from many extraordinary musicians, artists and the other crazy people who have come aboard this ship spiralling into a realm of musical chaos. We even gave the ship a name! We called it **** ******!!!


2012 is the year, Ladies, Gentleman, Boys, Girls and let’s not forget my main target audience, the Martian Voyagers who desire stratospheric sound frequencies to stream through their extra terrestial life forms so they can explore some galaxy far far far away!


I cannot wait to release the news, but for now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you so much for your patience and support!


Beware The Ides Of January! 

10.Kate Bush-50 words for snow


8.Anathema-Falling Deeper

7.Yes-Fly From Here


5.Steve Hackett-Beyond the Shrouded Horizon

Steve Hackett sure sounds like he’s been doing a lot of traveling and as ever with this recent album, he has the ability to take you on journeys and bring to your eyes very stunning guitar playing and impressionistic landscapes of sound.

4.Radiohead-The King of Limbs

Radiohead have a created a mini masterpiece with this recent album, with the outside sounding beats and melodies they have become known to create but still coming out with the unexpected, the first half is full of odd lurching grooves while the second half becomes superbly eclectic, a truly well-balanced album and full of originality.


Opeth have embarked on a new path with this recent album, disposing of the growls and coming up with something rather stunningly original and abstract, it is a great ode to the legendary 70’s music yet sounds current and forward thinking as ever; Mikael Akerfeldt is truly following his heart with this album and I have full respect for him to do that! 

2.Dream Theater-A Dramatic Turn of Events

Despite the departure of Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater have returned with a refreshing album with the most mind-boggling kind of music ever yet still keeping all the melody and sense of style in tact, Mike Mangini is the perfect replacement and you can expect the usual epic escapades but there is certainly heartfelt moments on this album too. 

1.Steven Wilson-Grace For Drowning

A stunning second solo record from one of my biggest inspirations, it is beautiful symphonic, intense, cinematic, jazzy and certainly another example of why Wilson is an innovator and leader in the evolution of progressive music!

Grace For Drowning

Welcome all to my site! Where I am currently developing a base for my progressive music project!

Here you shall soon be able to find out all the developments of the debut album “Phases” and the accompanying instrumental EP “Hail”, here you can view news updates about their progress, exclusive photo galleries, video footage and media links.

There is huge developments happening with the two projects with the releases planned for 2012 as well as shows.

Stay tuned and this website shall soon be developed.

as for now I shall lead you on to where you can find some music!