Delay in Eden Shadow Release date.

Eden Shadow regrets to announce another delay in their release date.

 With every intention to be honest, a series of frustrating circumstances have led to delays in mastering and pressing involving technical issues with hard drives, and trying to tackle these issues amidst other commitments.

 By delaying the release date, we can ensure that the problems we have faced can be tackled and that we can release our debut album to the highest possible standard.

 The release date will be 20th January.

 We sincerely apologise for this second delay and for the disappointment this may cause, and we are thankful to all of our supporters for their continued patience.

Until the release date, we have some exciting things happening involving a music video and some other content to look forward to.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with these updates and look forward to the day we are able to finally release Phases.



We have recently started a new quiz on our Facebook page. This is a little bit of fun that we are inviting you to participate in.

We have started posting segmented images of some of our favourite progressive rock albums.

The first person to name the album and artist correctly, will have a free digital copy of our first single ‘Restlessness’ sent to them.

So far we have two winners, and we will be posting quizzes a couple of times each week. Here is an example.

Eden Shadow Quiz