Phases announcement. 

Our debut album, ‘Phases’ has been moved from the 5th November to the 25th November. 

This is due to a number of reasons involving in particular, other commitments (mainly studying degrees), and ultimately just finalising a couple of things that we wanted to improve, leading to delays in pressing.

In Eden Shadow, we are quite the perfectionists. We’ve always wanted this album to be as good as it can be and we apologise that we’ve had to fall over at the final hurdle so to speak! 

But hopefully, with the extra time we’ve allowed ourselves…we can be sure that we’ve created something we can be proud of. We also have a music video to shoot shortly as well as gigs to book, so as ever, we are on the move! 

Thank you to all for your patience. 



A couple of updates are in order.

Firstly, we have released a new trailer, this time dedicated to the Moog synthesiser. We are big fans of the analogue synthesiser and have come to use it prevalently in Phases from it’s quirky oscillation filters and soaring leads to thumping Taurus Bass.

Secondly, Ryan has started developing a blog, his first article was published recently and celebrates the come back of Vinyl and explains why he thinks younger people are starting to appreciate it. Here is the link if you are interested in joining the discussion, we very much welcome you to do so and articles shall be published regularly.

And finally, we are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing ‘Hope You’re Happy’ this week via our SoundCloud page, we will inform you upon it’s release.

Many Thanks for the continued support.