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Here is another little insight/trailer for you to view. This week’s video features some isolated tracks from “Hail” featuring some of the guitars, a moog synthesiser solo and also what’s going on with vocal tracks too.

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Eden Shadow

Hi All

We are slowly but surely approaching the conclusion of the EP throughout this month. Discussions are to take place in April regarding the release so it won’t be long until we can announce a release date! (Phew)

For those of you who have been following the band closely, you should know by now that we have had some superb help from the likes of Will Mackie (Caerlyssi music) and Rob Reed (Magenta). After some time analysing the songs in the EP and their potential, we now have the fantastic keyboard skills of Rob featuring on selected songs. When they get released we advise you look out for the truly rocking hammond organs and beautiful Moog passages that have now elevated the EP beyond our expectations.

The link below shall lead you to Magenta’s website where you can discover their wonderful music that is truly progressive in every sense of the word.

Magenta Website

Keep on Prog Rocking

Much Love

Eden Shadow

Hello everyone, another week has gone and another video uploaded as things slowly but surely unfold with the EP, and this week, you are welcome to a closer than ever insight into what is going on with the recordings.

This week Ryan, takes you through Track 3 “Run Away With Me” explaining the tracks and showing how all 71 tracks collectively make one big wall of sound!

We hope you enjoy this new video and we look forward to bringing you more news!

Many Thanks

Eden Shadow