Myself and Tom have been at our studio working away at mixing Hail and it is sounding very close to the finished product.

The Ep is to be mastered in Wales Early March, in the meantime we will be having discussions with our distributors to confirm a release date.

Official Artwork and Promo Photos are to be released online very very soon too.

All to be revealed very shortly.

Much Love


All of those linked to our Facebook Page would have noticed that our recent drum recording session for our EP “Hail” was a PHENOMENAL SUCCESS!!!

We recorded in Brockenhurst College, the sidings theatre, a rather unconventional way to record drums and how rewarding it has been! The room sounded beautiful, to which 15 – microphones picked up the sound very authentically: engineered fantastically by Luke Taplin.

We also used Preamps that the band Fleet Foxes have recently used that helped create a great sound. We are now at a stage where we are completely thrilled to show you the final results very soon!

We are also excited to announce that we caught plenty of video footage of the sessions so this weeks youtube uploads will be a three-part short documentary style film, to be uploaded Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Here is a video to show you now of Tom drumming.

Eden Shadow would like to thank Luke Taplin and Steve Kermode for their brilliant work.

Keep an eye out for them!


Eden Shadow are excited to announce that they have their first gig, a surprise support slot for the wonderful Brothers Grimmer ( this Sunday 12th February in The Lord Nelson, Poole, Bournemouth (Check tour page for details) We hope to see some of you there!

Might I add, the Brothers Grimmer are a great Progressive band and well worth checking out, we send our thanks to them!

Additionally a new video has been uploaded today of myself covering Ripples. It’s by no means perfect but I wanted to show Eden Shadow is a band influenced by music not only of today from the 60’s, 70’s beyond. I love this song and it was an enjoyable challenge to cover on video.

Also I am uploading to SoundCloud a track exclusive of the current projects. An experimental piece called “Led by Delusion” where I have taken a load of sounds of objects and items in my flat and manipulated them. Would love to hear what people think I have used to create certain sounds it can be a bit of fun! Here is the link that will lead you to the song, it will also be on Eden Shadow’s Facebook page!

Amidst the business, myself and Alex are off to see Dream Theater tonight in Wembley! Cannot wait!

Hope you enjoy the new uploads, and speak to you very soon!


Ryan x


A new Eden Shadow video has been posted to their Youtube channel. You can subscribe to their youtube channel ( for weekly video uploads.

This week’s video shows footage of the band recording acoustic guitars for the EP “Hail”.

This Month, Eden Shadow shall be busy adding the final touches to the EP ready for Mix and Mastering at the end of this month. Throughout this month, expect to see weekly uploads of the final production stages of the EP and insights into the artwork.

You can also find videos and music here on the media page.